We begin the exercise with detailed understanding of your wealth to map out structure of assets you hold. the structure helps us figure out the services you require and out in place wealth management strategy.


Assets mapping segregates components of wealth and categorises them based on their nature and ownership. This process requires collating the data and translating them into meaningful reports. These reports include:

  • Statement of Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheets
  • Cash Flow
  • Structures/Ownership
  • Strategic Goals & Objectives
  • Mission & Strategy


The most important objective is to provide you clear and consolidated picture of your wealth. We aggregate the reports from your service providers and customise them to your preferences.
The data contained in each report is very specific and important to you.

  • Multi Currency
  • Liquid & Illiquid Assets
  • Financial & Non-Financial Assets
  • Custodian


We interact with on your behalf with financial institutions, fund managers, attorneys. We will perform quality control checks regularly and compile the reports after reconciling the transactions. We help you avoid overcharging of fees/commission and rationalise the structure.


Our bespoke advisory services will create a financial blueprint that is unique to you and ensure that it is aligned to your changing needs. We evaluate the current investments and risk-return management and then design the investment strategies diligently: diversification and capital efficiency are key considerations. This approach helps us handle the volatile times wisely, while assuring returns optimisation.


The network of service providers, being very extensive in most cases, is difficult to monitor and manage. We work with your asset managers, bankers, tax advisors, attorneys, chartered accountants, Trusts, custodians, consultants and brokers to ensure co-ordination among them and they performance is aligned to mandates.


As a consequence of globalisation, high net worth population in India has been growing steadily. The majority of businesses today are family-run but level of awareness to have succession plans for personal and/or business wealth is very low. The Financial Times had reported recently that Asian families suffered from a cultural reluctance to discuss succession. The report emphasised on having greater awareness for succession planning since a lot of wealth was locked up in family businesses which needed to be effectively devolved to the next generation.

Properly designed estate and wealth planning enable families to retain the control over businesses and results into a smooth transition of leadership of businesses between generations. It strikes a balance between the needs of businesses and the interests of family members. This also prevents long and expensive legal disputes between heirs located in multiple jurisdictions.

Our Services:

  • Estate Planning
  • Preparation of Wills
  • Trust Formation
  • Trust Management