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BIAINVEST Portfolio Review Service has been designed by our investment team to review your mutual fund and equity investments outside BIA.

Simply upload a recent Demat/Valuation statement.

The Biainvest Portfolio Review Service

What you can expect?

The service, which is free of charge, will provide analysis and clear insights on any mutual funds and equity investments you hold with a financial advisor, private bank or trading platform. Post review, you would be able to speak to our investment team member and have further clarification on the status of your portfolio and best way forward.

What Happens Next?

1. Upload a recent demat/ valuation statement

2. Receive a review statement within two working days

3. Talk to us Book an appointment if you wish to discuss

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What Will The Review Consider?

  • Asset allocation
  • Sectorial exposure
  • Performance Analysis
  • Portfolio risk
  • Our Views

The investment data you share with BIAINVEST will remain confidential and be only shared with Portfolio Review Team.

Welcome to our portfolio review service.

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